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Posted on February 21, 2003
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It’s Friday and I feel like I have barely limped through this week. I
have no energy, little to show for it and a general feeling of
imminent doom.

I had uninstalled Eudora from my Handspring a while back because it
was so time prohibitive for me to try to write e-mail via
Grafitti. Now that I have the keyboard, it is actually feasible to try
it, so I’ll give it another shot. I shouldn’t do it for time sensitive
things unless I’m willing to remember to do a sync as soon as I get
home. A guy at work made an odd statement about the folding keyboard,
saying “What’s the point? Why not just type it on your desktop and
sync up?” That kind of misses the point, since the folding keyboard
isn’t something you are using when you are, like, at your computer. I
was planning on having a quiet lunch by myself in the cafeteria and I
was going to answer some personal e-mails while I did. That’s the use
case for me. When I travel and I write those weblog entries from the
road, I always have to fire up the laptop to do it. I like the idea of
being able to do that from the Handspring, and just cut-and-paste them
in later. We’ll see how all this goes.

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Posted on February 21, 2003
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The Flaming Lips will be on Letterman tonight, which I think I’ll
tape. I’ve been listening to their album obsessively for nearly two
months. “Do You Realize” makes me cry it’s so freaking good.

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Posted on February 21, 2003
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They have released SpamAssassin 2.50 in the last few days, you can download it
. This is the first blessed release that includes the Bayesian
training algorithms to set the scores. I
installed it today and trained it on the nearly 4000 spams that I’ve
been saving for just this reason. The combination of CRM114 (which
also uses Bayesian learning) and this version of SpamAssassin really
seems to work well. The spams are scoring higher and the nonspam is
scoring even lower. It is doing what it is supposed


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