Red Cross Tally

OK, it is midnight at the turn of the month, so the final tally for the fund drive are in. For the month, 19 stuff packages were sold to 16 or 17 people (some folks bought two). My portion of the donation from this is $475, which with the match goes to $950 to the […]

EGC Clambake for September 30, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for September 30, 2005. I talk about my brief encounter with the Duke Podcasting Symposium and seeing new media friends; I play a new song from Jonathan Coulton; I mention watching Viviendo con Fallas and ceasing to watch the Blind Date TV […]

New Videoblog

My newest videoblog is posted, a little snippet of this funny dog I ran into in downtown Conway. Also on:

Junior Varsity Radio

Here’s another article about podcasting as a farm team for radio. I’m really weary of reading these things framed in terms of winners and losers, being “on top.” I continue to reject the notion that that’s even important to the medium. Do your thing, listen to what you like and it will all work out. […]

Back in Town

I spent a chunk of this week up in Raleigh, at the new home offices in Research Triangle Park. It’s kind of cool, being right there next to the IBM facility that kicked off RTP. I have to say that all in all, I much prefer driving to Raleigh over flying to Chicago. Chicago is […]

Heads Down

Busy busy, work, work, busy, work work work. Also on:

Night Vision for CVS Camera

Lately for whatever odd reason, I’ve been watching Attack of the Show and I just saw on a recent episode where David Randolph did a hack to make the CVS camcorder into a night vision camera. It’s as simple as removing the IR filter from the lens and adding in IR LEDs, a switch for […]

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New Videoblog

I have finally published a second videoblog, this one not about the gizmos. It is some simple footage of lizards in my backyard. The music behind it rocks, and although it is CC licensed as No Derivative Works, I asked for and obtained permission to use it. It is by Monk Turner from his album […]

Brad Sucks Remixed

Brad Sucks has released an online album of remixed versions of his songs. See, this is the kind of crazy cool crap that happens when you aren’t so anal about permissions. You too can download the source and remix it yourself if you want. Also on:


More CVS Cameras in the Wild

I heard my name mentioned on the most recent episode of the Linux Link Tech Show. Allan was using a CVS camera and mentions having watched my video. Even before that, though, I knew he had one because I could hear the telltale sounds of this device’s startup and shutdown during the show. The same […]

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EGC Clambake for September 21, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for September 21, 2005. I talk about the documentary on spaghetti westerns on IFC and how I think that fits in with where I stand in new media; I relate an anecdote about meeting Sonic Youth and play a song by them; […]

Out and About

The cable modem was out this morning, so I spent a big chunk of the day at my branch office. I’m fixing to move it back to the house. I can now ssh into my home linux box, so I know the connection is back up – a side benefit of being a dork is […]

Harry Shearer, Media Mogul

Harry Shearer is someone I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Since KCRW added the podcast of Le Show, I can finally listen to it. I’ve never had access to it on the airwaves (or known that I did.) Now I’m a big fan and catch it ever week. A few days ago, I saw […]

EGC Clambake for September 18, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for September 18, 2005. I play a song from Ronnie Marler and Marty Keil; I talk about the Small World Podcast and play a snippet from the interview with Douglas Rushkoff; I discuss how I am a nonparticipant in all podcast groups; […]

Seeing and Hearing

Here’s some stuff lately that has interested me, bothered me or amused me in citizen media. Today’s episode of Rocketboom mostly reruns this thing some guys in Berlin did where they stuck a projector outside a train and showed movies on the subway walls. Although the project is kind of cool, I think the actual […]

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Small World Podcast

One of the shows I have added to my subscription list lately is the Small World Podcast. That guy really cranks them out, doing an interview most days. Damn, I can’t come close to that. Much like the G’Day World incident of yore, there are so many files in the feed that when I added […]

The Upside of Google Juice

If you do a Google search on “evil genius” (even without quotes), I am the #2 hit. A few years ago, the top 50 or more were all about the computer game. Now I’m above all but one of those links. If you do a Google search on “evil”, I’m the #11 hit – the […]

The Blame Game

I said something like this in the most recent podcast, but I wanted to inject this sentiment into the text blogosphere. Not only am I sick of hearing that we “shouldn’t play the blame game” but in fact anyone that I hear say it is being marked as a dangerous tool in my opinion. You […]


It has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm, thank goodness, but Ophelia is now coming right through here. It is more likely to hit Wilmington NC, but landing at Myrtle Beach is quite possible. I don’t expect much drama in our neck of the woods, but stay safe out there. I take every […]


A Great Nation Deserves Great Excuses

Via Making Light comes this link to a (parody) article about a White House apology for the federal response to hurricane Katrina. The whole thing is funny in that way of a joke that seems to tell a deeper truth than the official “truth”. Here’s a choice bit: “The government’s response to Katrina was lackidaisical […]

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