Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for November 23 2015 – Fixing Leaks and Fighting with Sticks

In this episode, I play a song from Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys; I give a podcasting pro tip; I talk about how Mad at Dad has already become part of my routine; I give an update of how Secret Weapon GTD is working for me; I talk about Adam Romer and his presentation […]

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Does anyone have experience with Stamps.com? I have a lot of shipping to do for the next 6 weeks and it would make things easier. However, I’m not wild about paying $15/month forever when I’m not using it much. If I use my favorite podcaster’s affiliate code, get the bonus offer and sign up, what […]

Tire Fun

Blew a tire on the way to school. Luckily it was 100 yards from school. Whole day is sideways now. Also on:Facebook Twitter

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for November 16 2015 – N Sheets To The Wind

In this episode, I play a song by the Long Winters; I talk about oysters at Craftyfest and doing Mad at Dad; I am making another try at getting organized with The Secret Weapon flavor of GTD; maybe I was hasty talking about Diamond Dogs; my conversation with Jackie Kashian about Patreon vs selling shows; […]

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Oyster Fest

Getting ready to ride my bike downtown and hit the Crafy Rooster Oysterfest. My kit is prepared! Also on:Facebook Twitter

Fun Times 2

Watching the Impractical Jokers play toilet paper basketball is making me laugh until I cry. @WhatSayYouPod is why I started watching! Also on:Facebook Twitter

Fun Times

Am I really spending my evening updating training courses for our new release while watching Impractical Jokers? Yes, yes I am. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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I thought Blindspot looked intriguing so I set it on the DVR and only just got to watching it this week. I watched all of the pilot. By 10 minutes into episode 2, I deleted the series recording and all the episodes. I just couldn’t take it. This is even though I really like Jamie […]


Truth Bomb

You can’t spell “shabbas goy” without ABBA. Don’t let my truth bomb hurt you! Also on:Facebook Twitter


Mad at Dad 6 is Live

Tonight’s Mad at Dad stream is live now. Come join us! https://t.co/ZNQk9Cs94b Also on:Facebook Twitter

End of BarCamp CHS

On the way way way home from BarCamp CHS. It was an extremely long day but a great one. Also on:Facebook Twitter


Notes from BarCamp CHS 7 – Part 1

Sitting in a session learning about the GO language. My very first exposure to it. Also on:Facebook Twitter


View from BarCamp CHS 7 – Part 2

Adam Romer discusses his life as a digital nomad, traveling around while still working his startup. Shades of Sheila and Evo! Taken at BarCamp CHS 7, 2015-11-07. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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View From BarCampCHS 7 Part 1

Gray Sommerville teaches on how to create a startup that will get a good valuation. Taken at BarCamp CHS 7, 2015-11-07. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Here We Go

On the road to @barcampchs now. See you there! Also on:Facebook Twitter

Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for November 5 2015 – Dropping and Rebooting

In this episode, I play a song by The Wildhearts; I talk about podcasts I have dropped and that I might drop; I talk about untidiness as physical procrastination; I discuss Wil Wheaton and rebooting his life; how to trick your child into going to bed earlier; more on creating a zine and getting it […]

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More on BarcampCHS

If I proposed a “Develop a ServiceNow App in 60 minutes” session, would that be welcome at @barcampchs? Let the people vote and decide? Also on:Facebook Twitter

BarcampCHS 7

I will be at BarCampCHS 7 this Saturday. Although I am not making an explicit sales job of it, anyone who wants to talk about ServiceNow and particularly our independent developer program (for which I am now an evangelist) is welcome to seek me out. I’ll be wearing a company logo shirt and will talk […]

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Joys of Remote Work

When I drove to an office for my job every day, I never spent my lunch hour cleaning up dog vomit. Also on:Facebook Twitter

Step Up

Sometime today, I am going to register my one millionth step as measured by my Fitbit. This is since late July, so that seems pretty good. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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