Day Job Moment

Talking to my boss about my first quarter on the team: Me: “I always feel like I’m not getting enough done and the things I do I’m not doing fast enough. Then I think about the team and wonder how people would be getting by if I wasn’t here.” Boss: “Yeah, welcome to my life!” […]

Dream Job Part 4

Oh yeah! Meeting people at the SNUG! Also on:Facebook Twitter


We Are Fine

Just to let people from around the country and the world know, we are fine. Our area had some places that were hit hard but our immediate neighborhood and our house were never in any danger. Within a half a mile or so there were some road closures as creeks overflowed onto roadways but it […]

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More Punkin Comedy

This exchange happened during bath time: Me: “Are you being a clown?” Punkin: “If I’m being a clown, then you can’t frown!” Me: “Now are you seussing me?” Punkin: “If I’m seussing you, I’m goosing you!” Also on:Facebook Twitter


My weight loss is much slower since getting off the strict plan, but still happening. I was 173.5 lbs this morning, finally getting me under the psychologically important 175 pound tier. I am now ten pounds lighter than the day I started college in 1985 and I hope to keep going more. We’ll see where […]


One More Thing

I don’t know if I made it clear, the important thing about the training course I taught last week is that it gated my internal transfer. With it done, I’m now at work as a developer evangelist/solution architect. My new boss and I worked out a list of my goals for Q4 yesterday. When it […]

Final Tally

I spent five days in San Diego at the main office, preparing for and then conducting our training session. Basically, as my partner and I move on to other roles in the company, we trained up a squad of consultants and partners to do the work he had been doing. The training was well received, […]

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Shady Character

Would you buy training from this man? Also on:Facebook Twitter


Class Day Two

Gearing up for day two of the course. Funny thing, it gets real easy for me now. Most of the talking is done. From here out, they mostly work labs. The are designed to be challenging, so there will be a lot of interaction, but the solid multi-hour blocks of me with Powerpoint are over. […]


Punkin Dinner Plans

Q: “What are we going to do when we get to Outer Limits (country buffet place)? Punkin: “Eat fatback until we get back fat!” Also on:Facebook Twitter

Eat to Live Before and After Pictures

Here is some photographic example of what I’ve been talking about with Eat To Live. The left picture was taken the day I started, the one on the right this week. There is about a 34 pound difference between the two. I note that I don’t look that radically different, but I’m more generally concave […]


Punkin Music Insight of the Day

Listening to Olivia Newton John’s “Have You Never Been Mellow” on a sound system. Me: “This is an old song, so old I know it.” Punkin: “Is it from the 80s?” Me: “No, older. It is from the 70s.” Punkin: “I think it is from the 800s!” Me: “It might as well be.” Also on:Facebook […]

5 Weeks on Eat to Live

This will be the last of these weekly updates, as I go from the first phase of Eat to Live to the sustaining part. I’m doing it a week early because of several life occasions in the next few days for which I want to consume some calories that aren’t leafy greens. The goal I […]


Punkin Sings

Last night as she was trying to not fall asleep, Punkin was singing this song: “If I don’t see you every day My heart will burst away My heart will burst away” That last line repeated about 20 times. Also on:Facebook Twitter

4 Weeks on Eat to Live

Not much to say this time, but just to point out that I’m down three more pounds from last week and five pounds from my first big post about my eating. The downward trajectory has leveled off but is still downward. I’m now in the high 180s and very close to reaching the 185 pound […]


Punkin Music Insight

Conversation with Punkin at a barbecue restaurant in town: Punkin: “Daddy, I like this song!” Me: “That was a very popular song when I was a boy. It is by a gentleman named Eddie Rabbit.” Punkin: “Is he awesome?” Me: “Yes, I think he was kind of awesome.” Punkin: “Me too! Awesome!” Also on:Facebook Twitter


Eat to Live

I started a serious push to get my weight under control in spring of 2014. I focused then on mostly avoiding processed sweets and eating mostly high protein, low carb foods for two meals of the day. I would have eggs for breakfast and sausage for lunch then a fairly normal dinner with the family. […]

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Punkin Witticism

Punkin: “No more kissing, daddy! It’s not kissing time!” Me: “Well, when will it be kissing time?” Punkin: “After this dinosaur fight!” Also on:Facebook Twitter

Wit and Wisdom of Punkin

Here are some witticisms I have recently heard from a 4 year old. Background for those unfamiliar, there is a page in the book Everyone Poops that says “A one hump camel has a one hump poop. A two hump camel has a two hump poop. Only kidding!” Punkin: “A two hump camel has a […]

My New Routine

This is my new daily routine. After day care drop off, I go to Subproto, the Myrtle Beach hackerspace. I set up my laptop and then play a game of Joust on the MAME console in the corner. I work for a few hours and when it is time to leave, I play another one […]

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