Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for June 28, 2013 – “R.I.P Tides”

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, June 28 2013. I talk about an episode of New Disruptors about editorial cartoons and the death of the Steve Jobs, and this morbid phenomenon of overwhelming eulogies on social media (what I call a “R.I.P. tide”), I lament the loss of my […]

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The Way of the Gun

Over on Kickstarter is a fundraiser coming down to the wire for The Way of the Gun, an anthology project for fiction that crosses the western genre with the Bushido samurai code. Although Scott Roche lives in North Carolina one state away, I first met him in Baltimore at Balticon. Check out the description of […]

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Death to Diets

Here’s an article from Weighthacker about a study that suggests that diet soda causes humans to put on weight by disrupting the satiation process. I know for myself, I stopped drinking soda cold turkey in the summer of 2010 and shortly thereafter with no changes to diet or exercise I dropped 15 pounds. I then […]


SE Zine Fest

View Larger Map This Saturday October 20th in Charleston SC will be the first Southeast Zine Fest at the Redux Contemporary Art Center . It is free to attend, and sounds like a lot of fun. Because zinesters are not morning people, the event starts at noon. I would love to go but don’t think […]

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Tough Gig

From a Google Plus post I made: Surely one of the toughest jobs now has got to be ad salesman for Yellow Pages. “I’ve got a great deal for you, give us money and we’ll put you in a book that will sit on people’s porches until they get tired of stepping over it.” Also […]

From The Audio

This is a test this is only a test if you see a block post on word press and this was sent by my phone using i. f. t. t. t. if this is ed all readable and it’s pretty cool I would not that money that way. Also on:


Updated Spanish to English Dictionary for Kindle

A German hacker named Marc Sturm has taken my original free Kindle Spanish to English translation dictionary and improved it for current models of Kindles. At this point, my original version is deprecated and there is no real reason not to use his. Nice work, Marc! Thank you. Also on:

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Cold Brewed Coffee: Full Batch #1

Here is the result of my first experiment in cold brewing coffee. The picture attached is my actual setup from my actual kitchen. I used 2 cups of beans with 8 cups of filtered water out of our faucet Pur system. I’d never ground that much bean at one time, and realized that it just […]

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Cold Brewed Coffee

I recently started an experiment in cold brewed coffee. I heard Nathan Lowell talking about it on this episode of the Living Proof Brew Cast and I went for it. The recipe I used is here. I’d like to say that my motivation is for the perfection of the coffee. The truth is that I […]

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Kindle Spanish to English Dictionary Source Files

For approaching two years, people have been asking for the source files to my free Kindle Spanish to English dictionary. I have been stalling because those files are a non-understandable mess and I didn’t have the bandwidth to get them in releasable shape. Well, I decided to just put them up in unreleasable shape. You […]

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Android App Test

This is a test of the wordpress android app from my new HTC smartphone (yes, I joined 2007. Reluctantly.) If you can see this, all is well. No need to panic citizens. Also on:

Webcomics Weekly on Creative Burnout and Personal Branding

I’m a fan of and listener to the Webcomics Weekly podcast. 2011 has been a year of sporadic publishing of the podcast (not as sporadic as mine though.) The last episode they’ve published, #83, is a really interesting conversation. They start with a discussion of ending long running projects, letting the excitement of a new […]


I Love Automation

it’s one of my quirks that I love automation in practically every form I encounter it. When you see the things that light me up at work, at home, in side projects a lot of the involve automatic processes that passively make work happen for me. I don’t know why, but this has always been […]

Cerebus TV on Bob Burden

Around the holidays of 2010, I started watching Cerebus TV, this odd yet compelling video program that Dave Sim publishes every week. Not only have I gotten addicted to watching this show, but I like to watch the very first airing Friday night at 10 PM. When the intro says “It’s 10 PM Friday in […]

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Separated at Birth?

I’ve blogged recently about comic book artist, publisher and teacher Stephen R. Bissette. This post is an exorcism of sorts because I just want it out of my system. As long as I’ve known Dan Conover, I’ve thought he and Bissette looked a lot alike. Dan is screwing this comparison up recently by losing weight […]

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The Random Name

I was looking at some of the new options in Scrivener 2.0. One of the functions in there is a random name generator. Just for fun I opened it up and hit the button. The very first name it ever presented to me? “Kevin Kelly” That’s pretty funny. Also on:


Let’s Do It Later

On Twitter I ran across a link to this article on procrastination. I am bad about it, which is a trait I share in common with, well, practically everyone. What I most like about this article is that right up top it addresses the moral dimension. People are so quick in judgement nowadays and it […]


An incident from my past was brought up at Balticon, in a story that Evo Terra regaled a group with one evening. I’ll give the Reader’s Digest condensed version. Podcast Expo 2006, it was year two of the Ontario California conference. We were reprising our “spontaneous poolside barbecue feast” of the first year with a […]

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Westboro Baptist: God Hates Spellcheckers

Tomorrow morning Westboro Baptist will bring their silly hate carnival show to my little town. It’s been disappointing to me how effectively they can play the local media, which has been running news stories about them pretty regularly. They also are playing the people who counter-protest. Their goal is to get people to take them […]


Modern American Polling is Valueless

I don’t know how often I hear about “public opinion polls” on a daily basis. Let’s say a dozen on the average day. Just last night I watched The Daily Show where one of the founding tea baggers was a guest. This guy was using as a basis for claiming Obama as “tyrannical” was public […]

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