iPod – “Closed Platform”

A correspondent named Joshua forwarded me this link to a discussion about Microsoft asking Apple to “open the iPod”. The most striking thing about this discussion is that most of the people really have no idea what they are talking about, and don’t understand what open and closed mean (I mean, it is a forum […]

Shrook Meltdown

Shrook is having serious problems. All day long, I was getting nothing in my feeds. At first I thought it was network related, since I had taken down every part of the network earlier in the day. However, long after my normal connectivity was restored I was still seeing nothing. My client would try to […]

Gruber on Licensing Mac OS

I saw this post in Cult of Mac that references John Gruber of Daring Fireball’s contrarian view that Apple didn’t really miss anything by not licensing their OS. A big chunk of Gruber’s post concerns the impossibilty of porting the 80’s style Mac OS to PC/Intel hardware. The only thing is, I’m pretty sure he […]

Shrook Comes back to Life

A new release of Shrook is out, V2.11, and along with other problems that have been fixed, it seems to have unboned the atom parsing that was boned in the previous release. I had a bunch of feeds that suddenly began coming in empty when I upgraded last time, which was a true pain in […]

iTunes in Hays Kansas

I thought it was really something that the 100,000,000th iTunes download, the guy who won all the stuff, is in Hays Kansas. I spent a summer there, long ago, when my mother was getting her degree at Fort Hays State University. For us, that was a big summer because you could do all sorts of […]

Shrook V071

I upgraded my Shrook today (twice) and it seems like the crazy resource use has been adressed some. Shrook no longer seems hellbent on using up every free bit of RAM on my computer at all times. Howver, the usage still seems high to me. Is there really a reason why this app that does […]

Shrook and Safari

Early today I was noticing my laptop acting sluggish when I was trying to wake it up from screen saver and/or sleeping. That kind of bugged me – this is a brand new 1 GHz machine, faster than any computing device I’ve ever owned. By using the “top” program, I could see that all available […]

Airport Express

In the course of 24 hours, the news of the upcoming Airport Express has absolutely lit up my RSS reader. There must be 10 different blogs that have written about it since yesterday. I’m still a little shaky on what all it can do, such as whether it can be used entirely as a base […]


This is the first entry I’ve made from my new iBook whilst out and about. I’m actually on a commuter train right now, offline but eventually I’ll post this up. I’m running Macstumbler in the background just seeing what I can see as far as open WiFi access points. I tried this with the Zaurus […]


The book that comes with my new computer refers to “calibrating the iBook battery.” I was wondering if I was supposed to do any sort of drain fully thing early in the life of this thing. I’ve been trying to not plug it back in until it was at least in the red on the […]

Shrook on the iBook

I’ve written about my problems with Shrook several times. In fairness, now that I’m also running it on the iBook which is a 10.3 system it runs much better there. It has crashed once on me, after reaching the end of my new articles and then inexplicably marking them all read. Some of the UI […]

It’s Here!

Portrait of a boy and his new toy. In fact, I’m blogging this from that toy right now! All is really good, I’m really digging it and will have lots more to report back later. I’m absolutely amazed at how fast I got it up and productive. After going through the initial setup wizards, I […]

More on Shrook

I think it would be overstating it to say I have a love-hate relationship with Shrook. Let’s call it a “like-irk” relationship. I like the program and it is the best combination of client side and server side RSS aggregation that I have available at this time. I was using FeedOnFeeds which I liked for […]

iBook vs. PowerBook

JonnyX sent me this link to an interesting article comparing the iBook line to the PowerBook line. The ultimate conclusion is that the iBooks are pretty durned good, and the delta is not as big as it once was. Good to hear, since my iBook is coming regardless what the article says. JonnyX also tells […]

Spotted in the Server Logs

There is one other person who aggregates this blog with Shrook. I wonder if this means we’ll both see new items appear approximately twice as fast now as I used to see them. On average we’ll have twice the opportunities for one of us to have seen the new entry and posted that fact to […]

Registered Shrook

Yesterday I got the notice that a newer version of Shrook was available for download. This was supposed to address the crashing problems I have. I downloaded it, and while I was time limited to 15 minutes by virtue of my unregistered state, it never crashed in two full 15 minute sessions so that was […]

Shrook and Crashing

I emailed Graham Parks about my problem with Shrook crashing on me dozens of times a day. He said that he is aware of the problem and it appears to be all or nothing – either people have zero crashes or they have a metric buttload of them. According to the email, he was rewriting […]

Shrook Thoughts, Day Two

I am too much of an impatient spazzmo to wait, so even though I was pissed off at not being able to import my OPML file, I went ahead and migrated most of my subscriptions the hard way. I copied the link from my FeedOnFeeds panel, and one at a time created new channels in […]

Shrook Thoughts, Day One

So this is both my general thoughts on Shrook to everyone as well as an open letter to Graham Parks, who shows up regular as kibo every time I mention Shrook. I assume he’s following Feedster or something to catch folks blogging about it. After having read about it a few days ago and seeing […]

YACOT (Yet Another Change Of Tool)

I seem to be in that realm of geeks who is nomadic and restless in my toolset. I swear it seems like every week I’m doing something – learning a new programming language, changing my spam fighting technique, my referer spam fighting, my blogging tool, etc. I’ve been using FeedOnFeeds for 9 months now and […]

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